Molestation – The Secret’s Out

The scars run deep – the emotional pain even deeper.

I’m talking about child sexual abuse or molestation. Without question, it ranks among the worst of the worst – and it happens way too often.

Usually with NO immediate detection.

And the topic makes people extremely uncomfortable. Few want to talk about it. Instead, they cast stones at the perpetrators – hoping they receive equal pain when sentenced to prison. However, the vast majority are not. They freely roam the streets and continue to abuse – if given the opportunity.

Meanwhile society forgets about the victims. Nameless. Faceless.

They deserve a voice – just like my daughter Ashley.

Ashley Peterson2

Her horrific three-year experience in foster care – perhaps even longer – is well-known. For years her molester, Earl “Butch” Kimmerling, masterfully avoided detection while claiming to be the ideal father. Prominent politicians even placed him on a pedestal – which fed his hunger for power over the weak.

Sadly, an innocent little girl was his ongoing target. The abuse intensified until he went too far one morning. Hard evidence. The long-held secret finally became known. 

In hindsight, how many people – friends, neighbors, teachers, social workers, church members – suspected something was wrong with this girl. The one who couldn’t look you in the eyes. The one who always kept her head down. The one who routinely looked at Butch before speaking.

The one who suffered daily in the silence.

Although Butch Kimmerling received a 40-year sentence, my daughter ironically became the prisoner. When he repeatedly attempted to appeal and then reduce his sentence, his main argument was NOT physical harming her. Please! No true remorse. No admission of the psychological damage he’d done.

Still the man who assumed that his “power” had no limits – even from a prison cell. 

No, her trauma didn’t fade into the past. She couldn’t simply move on – like far too many people expected, even demanded. Sights, sounds, smells and touches easily triggered her. Trauma deeply embedded in her brain – forever. PTSD similar to many military veterans.

Every day my daughter relived the ordeal– with excruciating shame that no one should ever feel.

For nearly two decades, she’s endured the ups and downs that victims know too well – often when least expected. Blamed and then shamed again. Then targeted as a trouble maker who many insisted didn’t care.

She did, if people took time to listen and keep her safe – not push into a corner and wait for her emotions to explode. For all to see. Time after time.

Yet my daughter is stronger than most. She’s been surrounded at home with compassion, not judgment. She eventually became a survivor after 15 years of therapy – most of which did more harm than good.

Survivors deserve better. Much better. The best possible treatments, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).

To continue her healing today, Ashley is a self-advocate – giving voice to those who are too traumatized to share. Her theme is straight-forward.

KNOW Shame, NO Shame

In 2016, she completed a podcast for Carrie O’Toole Ministries with a little support from me. Her comments about her years of trauma are raw. Genuine. Sincere. Passionate. Please honor Ashley and all victims. Take time to listen and let her know what you think.

She’s ready to follow in her brother Andrew’s footsteps and share her story publicly. 

Silence no more.  DCP


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9 thoughts on “Molestation – The Secret’s Out

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and journey. Your whole face lit up when you talked about your therapy and your recovery journey. I so appreciate your thoughts on DBT and on how important your dad’s support has been for you. In my world, the trauma continues to control my daughter’s life. You give me hope!

  2. Ashley, I was spellbound by your coherent and honest reflections of the past trauma, the confusion of its effects on you, and the road to your recovery! Your are poised as well as spontaneous, thoughtful and intelligent. Your message was shared from your heart in order to help others to understand, and I so appreciate you for doing that! We need to hear your lessons…..the ones that really count in life. Seeing your smile, hearing your laughter, and witnessing your appreciation for your Father’s impact, I know you are becoming the whole and beautiful person God planned for you to be. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you always! joan

  3. Ashley, I don’t know how much your dad has told you about me but I know a little bit about you and thanks to your interview, I have learned much more. You are an intelligent, courageous young woman, and you speak with such eloquence and confidence. I believe Many people will benefit from hearing your story. Thank you for being so open and honest not only about your experiences, but your day-to-day challenges. I hope to be able to meet you one day soon.

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